Design & Planning

Good design is like a refrigerator - when it works, no one notices but when it doesn't, it sure stinks! - Irene Au



Construction Drawings

All our projects are assigned detailed construction drawings which enable us to file various professional submissions to ensure projects are compliant, approved and ready to progress. These drawings range from standard Architectural to construction plans through to bespoke detailed manufacture drawings.

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Interior Design 3D Realism

3D design and realism bring a finalised design to life, enabling our clients to visualise their finished project, compiling energising presentations to staff and senior management as well as securing investment and role out contracts


Interior Design 

Our interior design service assists our clients in bringing their vision to life and finalising detailed specifications and creative design together.


Space Planning

A successful design and a great project is reliant on it's planning, preparation. Our space planning service is client focused, interpreting, understanding and complementing what our clients require from their environments and how their workspace can be improved. Photo by Surajet Lorsrithanachai/iStock / Getty Images.


Concept Design

Our extensive network of suppliers and varied experience enables us to articulate in broad outlines the function and form of our client's ideas and our creative input. It includes the design of interactions, experiences, processes and strategies which are highly effective in finalising early stage design decisions


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3D Visualization -Westrak Ltd

3D Visualization -Westrak Ltd